A Letter to Conference-USA

It has been over five months now since UAB Football was disbanded, and the war to bring it back is still ensuing. The UAB National Alumni Society, Student Government Association, and Faculty Senate have all expressed their lack of confidence in university president Ray Watts. After documents were leaked in late March that showed plans to cut football before the 2014 season ever started, these same groups called for Watts to resign. We all know this did not happen, seeing as how Watts is still president collecting a paycheck that is a few hundred thousand dollars more than he should be getting. Last week, we learned that Conference-USA will hold meetings in Dallas to discuss whether or not UAB should remain in the conference. For those of you who do not know, one of the bylaws that must be upheld to stay in the conference is that every school must have football. I have one thing to say to those people that will meet in Dallas… Please do not do this…yet.

I know this is a big thing to ask, and I know I have zero influence on the decision, but please just delay the decision to kick UAB out of Conference-USA. I am leaning on the saying “the truth shall set you free.” People can only lie for so long, and I believe time is running out for President Watts and the University of Alabama Board of Trustees that supports him. I have heard from some people that the BOT had nothing to do with it. I simply call those people ignorant. This whole situation is all about belittling UAB, and so far they have done a good job of it. UAB Football being taken away is just one of many things that have happened to hold UAB back. UAB didn’t stop fighting back then and this isn’t going to stop the fight now.

I am aware that if football is not brought back that Conference-USA will kick UAB out. I am just simply asking on the behalf of all Blazer fans to give us more time. There is a study taking place to study the original findings of the Carr Report. This is the report that ultimately led to the shutdown of football, and one that is stocked full of inaccuracies. Hopefully the results will show that UAB could in fact support football, and once again pin everything back on Ray Watts as to why he trusted and supported the decision. I know it is too late for me to go back to UAB for football. I am attending South Alabama now and will play my last year college football as a Jaguar. I am honestly speaking for the legacy that we left at UAB after the 2014 season. So please, don’t make the decision to kick UAB out until they shed some light on the REAL truth of what is really going on in Birmingham.


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