Does Tiger Have Another Run Left in Him?

Tiger Woods is without a doubt one of the greatest golfers of all time. It’s just that simple. Anyone who tries to argue against that has obviously not paid close attention to professional golf in the last twenty years. Over the last few years though, Tiger has lost his edge. Could it be from him aging? Are the younger guys making their way up in the sport surpassing him? Is his head still messed up from the incident with his wife back in 2009? Those are all great questions, but the greatest question of all has yet to be answered. Does Tiger have another run in him?

For years, Tiger was the most dominate player in all of golf. If he didn’t have the lead headed into Sunday at a tournament, most of the time he was lurking somewhere close to it. Many of golfers have blown leads with Tiger hot on their heels. It’s because of how intimidating he his. Over the past few years that Tiger of old has gone away. Other players usually do not care where he is on the leader board because he is likely to mess up his chances on his own. He is no longer the young superstar that so many people admired. Sure, he can still attract a huge crowd at tournaments, and he still has the skills to compete at the highest level in golf, but so far in the last five years he rarely pulled that off. He only has a hand full of wins in that time frame and has not won a major since the U.S. Open back in 2008.

Do I think Tiger has a little more in the tank? Yes. Yes I do. I think somewhere deep down inside of him is the Tiger of old. Once he finds that, he has a chance to make a Tiger run like we have seen so many times in the past. We have to think about how close he is Jack Nicklaus. Only four major wins away from tying him. That’s a very lofty goal for Tiger though. It takes a lot to win a major, and he knows that, but to do it four or five more times at his age will be impressive. When Tiger Woods plays it is great for the sport of golf. Here’s to hoping that he can muster up another Tiger run in the near future.


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